Aberdare National Park

Aberdare National Park

Aberdare National Park is part of the broader Aberdare range and was established in 1950. In size, it covers 766 square kilometers and lies on an altitude between 2000 Meters and 4000 Meters.

Due to the high altitude, the weather around the Park is cool and cloudy and wet during the rainy season between March - June and September -  December.

The Park is located within the Western highlands of Mount Kenya and has peaks as high as 3999 Meters. Mount Kenya is the host of the longest river in the country, and along the river, there is the Ndakaini dam. The dam is the prime supplier of water to Nairobi County.

Aberdare National Park from Nairobi

From Nairobi, the Park is around 180 kilometers away. To get there, you drive along the A2 road on Thika Superhighway, heading to Nyeri. The traffic on the road will slightly affect the time taken to get to the Park, but it is averagely 3hours. You can also get there by air by booking a flight to Mweiga Airstrip in Nyeri.

Aberdare National Park Gates

The Park, for its size, has various entry points based on where you are coming from. The Eastern side, which is Nyeri town and its environs, has several access gates; Wandare, Treetops, Ark, and Treetops gates.

The Rhino and Shamata gates can access the Park if you are coming from Nyahururu town. In addition to those, there is the Mutubio gate that allows access from Naivasha town and its environs.

Aberdare National Park Location
The Park is hosted by two counties in Central Kenya; Nyandarua and Nyeri. Both counties are found within the highlands of Mount Kenya. Nyeri town is the closest town to the 4 main gates of the Park.

The geographical coordinates of the Park are 0.4169° S, 36.6667° E.

Aberdare National Park Hotel & Accommodations.

Depending on your preference, during a visit to the Park, you can seek accommodation either within the Park or the neighboring towns, most preferably Nyeri.

The Aberdare Country Club is on Mweiga slopes in Nyeri outside the Park but within the Aberdare range. Also, there is Solio lodge, found at the heart of a private Wildlife Sanctuary that offers excellent service to the tourists who wish to spend their time there.

Within the Park, there are several lodges; Treetops and The Ark-provides wildlife watching throughout the day.

Aberdare National Park Safari

Pick up could be done from any Nairobi hotel or even from the Jomo Kenyatta International airport upon arrival to the country.

The Aberdare National Park Safari is rich in activities. These include; birdwatching, mountain climbing, hiking, and the electric Safari within the Park. The Safari could be customized to fit into your preferred activities and timing.

The safari packages include; National Park fees and Entrance fees. Also, during game watching, the transportation to and within the Park is catered for. The professional guides fees are also factored in the safari package.

Aberdare National Park Animals

The Aberdare National park is endowed with a vast collection of wildlife. It is home to almost 2000 elephants and buffalos on its hills and valleys. The Park also hosts baboons, leopards, hyenas, and it is also a birdwatching paradise with over 250 bird species.

Best Season:All year round
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