Lake Naivasha

Along The Great Rift Valley, on the Eastern side, is Lake Naivasha. The name roughly translates into ‘The place of rough waters’ from the Maasai language. Lake Naivasha is found along The Great Rift Valley and specifically in Nakuru County.

Lake Naivasha is a freshwater lake without a major outlet. It is well renowned for its ecstasy to birdwatchers and lovers of birds. The waters of the Lake attract various kinds of game and wildlife, making it a game viewing bliss too.

The Lake has thick patches of papyrus and is surrounded by the sparse acacia trees and bushes, which is the habitat for the birds.

Lake Naivasha from Nairobi

It is just an approximately two-hour drive from Nairobi to Lake Naivasha through the A104 road.  The distance by road is about 80 kilometers. Traveling by road offers a spectacular and scenic view of the Great Rift Valley.

One could use flight charter services with prior arrangements but most people prefer traveling by road to traveling by air.

Lake Naivasha Weather

The weather around Lake Naivasha is mainly due to the neighboring Aberdare Range and the Mau Forest. Therefore, these two make the area relatively cold, with temperatures ranging between 100C minimum and 280C maximum.

The rainy months are mostly between March-May and November/December, with an average of 680 mm annually.

Depending on the amount of rainfall and season, the size of the Lake varies in width and also depth

Lake Naivasha Location

There are two freshwater lakes along the Eastern Rift valley, and Lake Naivasha is one of them. This is the highest Rift valley Lake. It is located on an altitude of 1890 Meters above sea level, covering around 64 square kilometers.

The coordinates to the Lake are 0.7754° S, 36.3715° E. It is within close proximity of Naivasha town, making it a comfortable place to access/visit.

Lake Naivasha Hotel

There is plenty of accommodation within Lake Naivasha and its environs. Some of the lounges include; Lake Naivasha Sawela Lodge, Chui lounge, Loldia house, Lake Naivasha Sopa lodge etc.

Best Time to Visit Lake Naivasha.

In Kenya, visitation to tourists’ destinations is encouraged during the dry months, and Lake Naivasha is not an exception.

It is most favorable to visit Lake Naivasha during the dry months of January - March, and May - November. You can visit Lake Naivasha all year long and have a great experience, but those dry months are the most satisfactory.

Lake Naivasha Safari

Safaris around Lake Naivasha can be done during daytime or during night time, depending on your preference.

Also, you could have your own personally customized safari to include your favorite activities, i.e., photography, birdwatching, game watching, etc.

There are Lake Naivasha Safari Packages dedicated to offering you a wholesome Lake Naivasha experience. The package includes transport from your desired point within Nairobi to Lake Naivasha. Pickups could be at your hotel or the Airport. Accommodation and all fees are catered for within the package.

The other services outside the package but are offered within Lake Naivasha are; Hiking Mount Longonot, Visit Hells Gate National Park, Boat riding, etc.

Lake Naivasha Animals

The Lake is an attraction to a wide variety of wildlife, inclusive of the Big two. A boat safari guarantees you a fantastic interaction with the aquatic game, especially the hippos.

The best-elevated viewpoint is from the Hells Gate National Park, which offers a wide-angle of the Lake and its environs. Also, from your accommodation balcony, wildlife can be viewed with great satisfaction.

Lake Naivasha Birds

Lake Naivasha, surrounded by acacia-habitat for most birds, is a hotspot for a wonderful birding experience. The Lake is a host to over 400 unique species of birds, and these are; the Egyptian Goose, Cattle egret, African Jacana, and also a few pink flamingoes are found.

Activities at Lake Naivasha

  1. Game Drive at Hells Gate National Park.
  2. Bird Watching around the Lake- The acacia trees offer habitat to the birds making the area around the Lake a birding wonderland.
  3. Boat ride to Crescent Island
  4. Mount Longonot National Park Hiking
  5. Lake Oloidien
  6. Enashipai Maa Museum
Best Season:All year round
Popular Location: Lake Naivasha