Meru National Park

Meru National Park is found in Maua, East of Meru County, on the leeward side of Mount Kenya. The park is mainly covered by woodland and Savannah. It is home to the famously adopted Elsa the Lioness.

Meru National Park is known for its River line Acaccia forests along the rivers and also the bushes around. Still, the Savannah woodland in the park gives it its aesthetic feel.

Meru National Park Distance from Nairobi

From Nairobi, it is 388 kilometers to Meru National Park using the A2 road then diverting via C91. After arriving at Meru town, there are almost 115 more kilometers to cover using the C91 route headed towards Maua to get to The National Park.

There is the Kina Airstrip that facilitates flights by tourists to the park from Wilson Airport. The time taken from Nairobi to Kina Airstrip is around 45 minutes. The airstrip operates daily, and you could book your ticket from a local airline.

Meru National Park Distance From Meru Town

The park is found around 115 kilometers on the C91 road from Meru town. The drive to the park takes almost 11/2 hours towards Maua town.

Meru National Park Weather

Meru National Park averages a temperature of 250C, and therefore it is relatively hot. The temperature range is always between 180C – 320C.

The Eastern side of the park is on the leeward side of Mount Kenya, but the Western side is on the Windward side. Therefore, the Western side receives more rainfall than the Eastern side ranging from 305-356 mm.

The Western side of the park is drier, with rainfall ranging between 635-762 mm. Dry months are usually February, March, June through to November. In between these months, there are rains.

Meru National Park Location

The park covers almost 870 square kilometers of Meru County and is found on an altitude of 304 M-1036 M.

The coordinates of the park are 0°5′37″N 38°12′29″.

There are two main entry points; Murera Gate and Ura Gate. Murera gate services the people entering the park from Isiolo and Nanyuki. If you are coming from Nairobi or Embu, the entry point is at The Ura Gate.

Daily flights land at Kina Airstrip within the park.

Meru National Park Hotel

Accommodation can be found within the park or outside. Some of the accommodations managed by KWS are Kinna Cottages, Meru Guest House, and Murera Cottages.

Some of the privately-owned accommodation facilities are Leopard Rock Lodge and Elsa’s Kopje.

Best Time to Visit Meru National Park.

It is advisable to tour the park during the dry seasons for the best game viewing experience within the park. Spotting animals in the park during the rainy season is a little bit challenging.

Meru National Park Safari

The Meru National Park safari packages include transport from Nairobi to and within the park, accommodation, park fees, guides fees, and meals.

There is the option of personalizing your Safari by prioritizing your desired activities or your group’s favorite activities within the park. 

Meru National Park Animals

Meru National park is a host to the Big Five of Lions, Rhinos, Leopards, Cape Buffalo, and the African Elephant. Other wild animals are Giraffe, zebra, hippos to Impalas, and gazelles

Meru National Park Birds

There are various birds within the park. The birds within the park are over 400 species. Some of these birds are vultures, ostriches, Woodpeckers, etc.

This vast collection of birds is exciting to lovers of birds to enjoy the richness of Meru National Park

Meru National Park Attractions

  1. Big Five Game Viewing – The park is a host to the Big Five Game.
  2. Rhino Sanctuary – Within the park is a Rhino sanctuary
  3. Scenic viewing
  4. Joy and George Adamson’s home
Best Season:All year round
Popular Location: Meru National Park

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