Samburu Game Reserve

Samburu Game Reserve covers 165 square kilometers of almost unaltered nature in Samburu county. The establishment started out as a park that changed into a Game Reserve in 1985.

It is on an altitude range of 800 and 1200 meters above sea level and is one of the most unique Game Park/ Reserve in the country

The park is unique due to the animals in the park. The unique species include the Reticulated Giraffe, Somali Ostrich, Gerenu, Grevys zebra and also the Beisa Oryx.

To further the uniqueness of the park, it is home to Kamunyak. This is the lioness that adopted oryx babies from different mothers and protected them.

At the edge of the Reserve is River Ewaso Nyiro that borders Buffalo Springs Game Reserve and the Shaba Game Reserve.

Samburu National Park from Nairobi

Samburu Game Reserve is 350 Kilometers from Nairobi. This is usually a five to six-hour drive via the A2 road through Thika, Nyeri, Nanyuki, and Isiolo.

There is a 35-kilometer diversion on a marram road to Archers post where the Game Reserve's main gate is from Isiolo. The other gates are  Bridge Gate at the side of buffalo springs, and West gate.

From Nairobi, it is a one hour flight to the Game Reserve, and there are daily flights operating.

 Samburu National Park Weather

Considering the altitude and the fact that the Game Reserve is in a semi-arid region, it is usually hot during the day, with temperatures as high as 35°C. The nights get as cold as 20°C and sometimes accompanied by strong winds.

It is usually rainy in April, May, November, and December. These are the wet months in the Game Reserve.

Therefore, between January- March & June –October, the weather in the area is hot and dry.

Samburu National Park Location

Samburu Game Reserve is in Samburu County on the coordinates 0.5775° N, 37.4916° E, and on an altitude range of 800-1200 meters. It is found in an area with semi-arid weather conditions covering around 165 square kilometers

The tremendous brown waters of Ewaso Nyiro water the park and separates it from the Buffalo Spring National Reserve just beside it.

Samburu National Park Hotel/Accommodation

Most of the best accommodation is found a stone throw distance from the Ewaso Nyiro River. This is because of the spectacular view of the animals that come to water there.

Some of these include Larsen's Tented Camp, Ashnil Samburu Camp, etc. These lodges offer super luxury to the tourists.

Best Time to Visit Samburu National Park.

Being an arid region, animals are mostly in the park during the dry season. This is because of the herbivores' accumulated grass, and most herbivores shift closer to the park.  If those shift, the predators migrate too.

Therefore, during the dry months is the best period to visit the Game Reserve for the best opportunity to have a whole and extensive experience of the park. Also, during the short rains of December is an excellent time to visit the Game Reserve.

Ewaso Nyiro provides great sightings during the dry season as the animals congregate for water and expect some crocodile action.

Samburu National Park Safari

There are various Safari packages to the Samburu National Park based on your preference and likings. They include cultural safaris, group safaris, and honeymoon safaris.

The package entails the Samburu Game Reserve fees, the transport to the park, the game drives, and accommodation.

Transport is offered from the most convenient place relative to your location to the Game Reserve.

Samburu National Park Animals

The majority of the Big four are found within the park. Also, there are the animals only specific to this particular Game Reserve. These animals are the Grevy Zebra, Somali Ostrich, Reticulated Giraffe, and also the Biesa Oryx

Other animals in the park are cheetahs, crocodiles, baboons, and also gazelles.

Samburu Game Reserve Bird

Over 450 bird species are hosted within the park. For a bird lover or a bird watcher, this is paradise.

Some of the birds are the Somali Ostrich, Grey-headed Kingfisher, The Marabou Stork, etc.

Best Season:All year round
Popular Location: Samburu Game Reserve