At the core of Central Africa lies Rwanda. Its capital is Kigali, which is the biggest city in the country and the cleanest in Africa. The country does not border any large water body around, making it a landlocked country characterized by its numerous volcanic mountains in the North West.

Although the country is landlocked, Lake Kivu's shores provide one of the best inland shores in the continent.  The dense bamboo forests of Virunga Volcanoes host the few remaining populations of mountain gorillas.

Nyungwe Forest National Park is host to other varieties of primates in its vast and scenic rainforest.

There are also other various wildlife attraction sites in Rwanda, and also the additional Genocide Memorial, which is a must-visit site in Rwanda

Genocide memorial

History is documented in unique and different ways. The Genocide Memorial records a sad part of Rwandese history in its own way. As the world watched, almost one million Hutus and Tutsis were killed in a span hundred days in one of the most brutal genocides of our times.

This genocide entirely redefined the history of Rwanda and its people forever, with impacts felt countrywide.

The memorial is not just a tourist attraction site but also a learning and monumental experience.

A visit to the memorial is an experience that you will find nowhere else.

National Parks

Nyungwe Forest National Park 

Nyungwe National Park is mostly dominated by chimpanzees in its ecosystem. It is also rich in a fantastic collection of wildlife with almost 75 unique species and 322 species. Summing it all, the Park has over 1000 plant species hence vast and broad biodiversity.

The Park also hosts the largest hippo natural park with almost 20,000 hippos present. The Park is well-known for its primates, and gorillas are the main primates.

Besides wildlife, the Park has the only canopy walk in Africa from its own Uwinka Visitor Centre that provides an aesthetic treetop view and surrounding mountains.

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park is famous for one of the best gorilla trekking and hugs both The Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda on its borders. It hosts one of the most endangered species of the Mountain Gorilla.

The bamboo forests and swamps in the Park provide extraordinary gorilla trekking experiences. It is a safe experience, and there are armed guides that ensure that. A half a day experience in the Park is one of the most unique and least to forget.

Akarega National Park

In the Eastern Province of Rwanda lies Akarega National park bordering the Tanzanian border. It is mainly woodlands with patches of swamps and savannah grasslands. The Park is unique to other Rwandese parks being less famous with primates but with other wildlife.

It is currently hosting to all Big Five members, with some of them being brought to the Park after severe effects of poaching. Akarega National Park is one of the most beautiful on the continent.

The other game includes hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, and impalas.

Best Season:All year round
Popular Location: Rwanda

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