Our Core Values

  • We offer customized first-class safaris from our guiding principles:
  • We empower our team in all the roles they play irrespective of being managerial or any roles he/she play with all necessary resources to achieve our goals.
  • African hats safaris agility and innovation is key to our client’s desires while on safari with us.
  • Our lifeblood is good communication, our travelers tell us what they want, what they need and we listen and then we deliver it. We communicate openly and honestly ensuring all travelers expectations are met, easy travel and make sure that everyone understands the required and all communication to our suppliers i.e. hotels, camps and safari/game lodges that is on our clients itinerary.
  • All our trips are planned in a manner that does not interfere much with environment and we try as much to travel responsibly by reducing pollution, not interfering with the local cultures, contribute to the local economy and leave no negative trace.
  • African hats safaris values relationship with our customers, partners, communities and environment as well. Building sustainable business is possible through long sustainable relationship and valuing these relationships which is key to our customer satisfaction and success of our business.