Who We Are

African Hats Safaris

African Hats Safaris is unique safari outfit offering the best service tours and safaris at
affordable price and customized safari holidays for all travelers in Kenya and Tanzania. We have a great range of accommodations and itineraries to suit everyone’s interests and budgets and well trained professional staff to handle all the aspects of our clients.

Sustainable Travel

African hats safaris finds its way that our tour operations can maintain long term sustainability without harming natural and cultural environment, as we try much as can to minimize negative impact of tourism and ideally be beneficial to the area in which it takes place.

Pillars Of Sustainability

Environmental Pillar

On our environmental pillar we focus on reducing negative impact on the environment and wildlife from our travel operations. This includes minimizing our carbon footprints especially from road travel and using eco camps, package and plastic waste disposal not disturbing wildlife.

Economic Pillar

African hats safaris contributes to the local economy positively through different projects in their villages or community by using their money to pay back the community i.e schools, health centers and sports activities. Also our clients stays at locally owned and managed camps/lodges or use local tour guides thus contributing to local economy thus creating conservation of natural resources and preservation of cultures awareness.

Social Pillar

Our social pillar is about impact on the local people and communities that includes supporting local people, communities as well as NGOS, social enterprises and charities. We always look for opportunities to involve this type of the projects and choose to be managed by the local people themselves.

Mission & Values

As travel company we exist to bring people together, when people come together they create opportunities for shared experience, dialogues and growth. Experience shows that our differences fuel innovation for our travel company, clients and community. We bring different voice background and perspective in to our workforce, nurture and celebrate them once there are together. We treat everyone with respect, dignity and fairness as we empower each person to develop themselves confident to the fullest and committed making positive impact in lives of others.